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I have always been a dog lover. As far back as I can remember I have had a dog who I was completely in love with. My love for Westies began about 12 years ago while on my first trip to California
I was in Carmel when I saw a couple walking two white dogs on leads, they were adorable. I began a conversation with the couple and learned that they were West Highland White Terriers.
Once back in Virginia I began my research to learn about this small handsome breed.
I acquired two pet westies (Teko and Loki). Not long after I joined the West Highland White Terrier Club of Greater Washington DC and became interested in the conformation aspect.

While surfing the web I found many sites of Uk Westies. That is when I found Roz Dunne’s
Charosmack web page. I fell in love with Robbie (UK AM CH Charosmack Clog Dancer).
I thought he was about the most perfect dog I had ever seen.
I e-mailed Roz and started a conversation. That is how I ended up with Charosmack Crispy Kreme (I still thank you Roz for trusting me), granddaughter of Clog Dancer. Crispy, who I call Marti, is now CH Charosmack Crispy Kreme There are several photos of her which you will see further in this site.
[Click here for Martis page]


The name Rospout I choose because of Historical reasons.
I live in King William County in Virginia. It is a rural community approximately 30 miles outside of Richmond Virginia
I actually live on property that has been in my family since before the Civil War. This particular portion on the Mattaponi River used to be a port where boats and supplies came into town (Aylett). It was named after one of my relatives. It is a special and unique name and that is why I choose it.

All our westies are bred to the American Kennel Club standard for the West Highland White Terrier. Click here to read the standard.