The westie bitch is a proud big dog in a little package, which can be said for the dogs as well.  They are friendly, unafraid and adaptable.  By adaptable I refer to a country or city pet.  They love to stretch their legs and have lots of room but their main objective and concern is you.  They want to be with you and part of your life, the more active, the better.  They love to go, in a car with you is where they love to be.  I believe in crate training, my girls will curl up on their crate when there is a nice soft cushion right next to the sofa.   During the day when you are not around, their days are mostly sleeping and absorbing energy for when you get home, that is when their day begins. 

Rospout is the home of several girls,of which I am immensely proud.

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CH Rospout Made To Order (Erin)

CH Charosmack Crispy Kreme (Marti)

Rospout Rambling Rose (Rose)


CH Clayridge High Heel Sneakers (Skylar)

Grd CH White Witch Pai vertragus (Sumo)

Rospout’s Emily