Yes there is a difference in the personality of the boy and girls, just as there is for us two legged creatures. But there are also traits that belong to the westie alone that are fetching and adorable no matter the gender.  I will begin by saying that the westie, male or female is not a dog for everyone.  Only the most exceptional people get to belong to a westie  My little guys are fun, eager to please and extremely devoted.  This can be said for both the dog and bitch.  After a hard day of work nothing is better than to be surrounded by a mound of furry friends who seem to adsorb and evaporate all the negativity and doubt that has pounded on me throughout the day. My little guys are clowns, innocent little laugh and love triggers who can bring a chuckle or outright laugh at the drop of a hat. Both genders are wonderful and give them the time, love and patience; you will have a best friend for live, male or female.

Rospout is the home of several boys,of which I am immensely proud.

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CH Rospout Strike Up The Band (Striker)


CH Lucky Boy From Vixan (impPoland ) (Lucky)


Zackshine Sherlock Holmes (Imp. Italy) (Sherlock)


CH Rospout Adamant (Adam)

CH Serendipity’s Causing Trouble at Rospout (Casper)


Rospout’s Alexander Ragtime Band (Alex)

Rospout Buzz Me