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My little Gordon came to me in October 1994.  While at work one day some of the ladies at work came in from lunch talking about this little dog under the cars out in the parking lot.  He seemed to be hurt.  They asked me to come out and see if I could catch him.  I got down on all four and looked under a big truck and there staring back at me with the biggest, scared, sad eyes was the most pitiful little creature I have ever seen.  He was bloody, dirty, matted and had a dirty old rope tied around his neck.  He hobbled to get away from me and I could see his back right leg was just dangling.  I could not reach him, he would not come near me.  He was scared and hurt.  Someone in the office called the Hanover police and they sent their rescue team to collect him.  The next day he was all the talk in the office, wondering if they found his home and what was to become of him.  They had taken him to the animal hospital off West Broad Street in Richmond.  We were told he needed urgent surgery to save his leg and without a home to go to or someone who owned him, they were going to put him down.  The girls went to work collecting money from employees in the building. 

They got together three hundred bucks and we were told by the hospital the doctor would do the surgery for that amount, even though it would have cost quite a bit more than that, if someone would only take him and give him a home.  The girls talked me into taking him.  I went that night to the hospital after work to see him.  He was cowering in the back of a crate matted, dirty and scared to death,  He would not come near me.  I was told to fill out some papers saying I would take him and to give him a name.  I am a huge Gordon Lightfoot fan was just listening to him on the way over to the hospital,  So, he became Gordon, my Gordon. 

I went over to the hospital every night after work for two weeks after he had his surgery and during recovery.  I took food and treats and eventually he came closer and closer until I could pet him and touch him.  They had to remove his tail and put rubber bands in his leg. He had been hit by a car and most likely been homeless for quite a while.  The doctor also said he had most likely been abused.  He was down to 4 lbs.  After I got him home and built up, he weighed 20 so that tells you the shape he was in.
 I took him home and he ended up also saving my life.   There will never been another Gordon for me but there will never be another Marti, Casper, Rose, Adam, Kiss, Sumo either Love can come from unexpected places so keep your heart open, it could be just a bark away.